L’Amitie’s SS16 collection combined loose fitting, flowing materials with detailed embroidery, asymmetrical lines and tied belts. With flecks of gold and silver embellishments on the cuffs and around the neckline of silk and translucent materials, the collection kept a less is more approach, while sharp lines injected a modern feel.  
















The collection was titled “TRANSCENDENCE” and addresses the concept of focusing on abstract elements that are taken from the past and the present, to create something timeless. Taking inspiration from installation artists  John-Paul Philippe, whose integration of geometric shapes and curved lines can be seen influencing some of the rich patterns within the collection, with their intertwining lines and figures. It also drew from Italian architect Carlo Scarpa and his ability to construct breathtaking pieces using irregular unions of shapes.
















A minimal colour palette of black, white, lilacs, blues and deep reds was paired with soft dewy make-up featuring icy cool colours centred around the eyes and cheeks, that gave the collection a jewel-toned atmosphere, amplified by the attention to detail in the placing of accessories such as necklaces and large, decorative pins.
















Classical H-shaped silhouettes were reworked with sleek, streamlined finishes and side splits creating delicate and elegant lines. Minimalist tailoring was seen in pieces such as a wide-legged trouser that trailed on the floor, with a slight pleat that raised the hem and created a unique shape. The show also featured pyjama robes and shirt-dresses that brought the collection into uniform by the ease of silhouettes seen among the show.
















Words: Andre Bogues | Fashion Week Press | @andredevb

Images: Mel Williams | Fashion Week Photographer