"These pieces are for a woman that loves art, especially wearing it," the show overview explained, and so Krystof Strozyna transported the audience into an abstract world inspired by pop art and lips. A canary yellow dress with white bold shoulders opened the show and immediately the short futuristic wigs on the models caught our attention. Following on from their minimal invite abstract lips soon made an appearance as a symbol of pop culture. Emerging in contrasting colours they soon took shape in collars and panelling.

Canary yellow proving to be a huge hit for SS14 was popular within the collection, as well as green, greys, purple and clean white. High-waisted trousers were popular in lights fabrics, perfect for summer work wear. Dresses were delicate but well structured starting with spaghetti straps and advancing onto thick androgynous shoulders. Strozyna took a new angle on the ombre effect as designs worked from the hemlines in towards the centre of garments.

Metallic baubles were stitched to collars of tops and dresses and also used as earrings. Make up was simple yet effective as the models had a sun-kissed glow. Maxi dresses were in rich purple, showing that for Spring/Summer next year Strozyna offers a collection that easily transfers from day to night.

Words: Katie Handy-Beith | @katiehandybeith

Images: Sebastian McCluskey | @mccluskey1