Jeff Garner's AW16 collection, titled 'Ruins and Renaissance,' launched at London bridal Fashion Week at the Freemasons' Hall. Garner is an unconventional designer and pioneer with his eco-label, Prophetik, transforming and revolutionising the fashion industry.

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His connection to nature is what drives his brand, creating distinctive, sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. This appreciation of his environment is a reflection of his childhood growing up on a horse farm in Franklin, Tennessee and being raised with a peaceful understanding of the world. Elements from his upbringing are seen throughout his collection, in riding breeches, boots and trousers.

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For AW16, Garner dedicates his collection to his daughter, Veda, who sadly passed away this year. He explores the power of art to capture the lost; art triumphs over the destruction caused by the time-taking experiences of life.

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Beautifully romantic gowns in flowing fabrics graced the runway with fitted corsets providing slight structure to the pieces. Loose shirts were tucked into riding trousers and worn under waistcoats with sleeves turned-up and unbuttoned. Delicate lace yokes adorned the necklines of youthful full-skirted dresses. The styling also suggested a young aesthetic with long plaited hair, but the dark lip created a mature, grown-up edge, bringing the Renaissance influence into the modern day.

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The show opened and closed with a ghost-like model dressed all in white with white blonde hair, holding a lacey parasol. She walked slowly, capturing every gaze within the audience and perhaps representing his late daughter.

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The colour palette consisted of black, grey, white, navy, Kelly green and teal. Dyes were made with all natural plant and earth extracts from indigo leaves and madder roots to marigold, orange and logwood. Sustainable dress fabrics included hemp silk, linen, organic cotton, Vintage French lace, and reclaimed leather.

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This ethical mindset is refreshing to see in the world of fashion and Garner's prominent voice within eco-fashion has seen him rise in popularity and influence, dressing red carpet names such as Gisele Bundchen, Sheryl Crow, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Kings of Leon.

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Words: Sunna Naseer | Fashion Week Press | @sunna_naseer
Images: Zac Mahrouche|Fashion Week Photographer| @zacmahrouche