The crowds on Northumberland Avenue this Fashion Week attracted the attentions of many a passing tourist this afternoon as we awaited the Jean-Pierre Braganza AW11 catwalk show: Positronyx.

Braganza impressed with a collection of fierce tailoring, leather panels and asymmetric biker zips "for a woman who is a leader and a warrior". Influences included Science Fiction and, by the looks of the severe high ponytails, the dominatrix. Black and charcoal was highlighted with red embellishment and sun ray prints.

As well as showcasing strong warrior women, Jean-Pierre Braganza also featured 4 menswear looks in this 2011 London Fashion Week show. Cue a leather clad Dudley- a Whos Jack favourite male model!

To get the Positronyx look for yourself - scrape back that hair, apply red lippy and pink blusher liberally and add plenty of black leather and gloss.

Jo Bevis.