In a labyrinth style catwalk of white corridors and large mirrors in the Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design, award winning designer Jayne Pierson launched her first stand-alone show: ‘…and God Created Woman’.

The show lived up to its title as Pierson showcased spiritual creations that placed the female form at their centre.


The collection featured designs emphasising the female shape, including sculpted breast plates and high-riding corsets.

Creating almost its own zeitgeist, the show featured designs that seemed to call back to times long past whilst simultaneously providing us futuristic looks.  Natural materials such as leather, handprinted with indecipherable symbols, featured prominently - matched against contemporary luxe sportswear and opulent accessories.



Certain looks and fabrics subtly reappeared on the runway in different guises, having almost morphed in nature. For example, one model’s pink fringed shoes would reappear in the colour of a pink fringed fluffy jacket with similar fringe ties.


This echo-chamber like nature of the walk is commendable and clearly Pierson's new collaboration with Fashion Artefact designer Qi Zhang and returning collaboration with Neale Howells has been successful. For a show inspired by the hybrids that emerge from confused historical references, all the pieces and outfits seemed well placed, their contrasting hybridity complimenting each other.


Piersons's daughter also took to the runway, sporting her mother's luxe designs.

A slightly surprising appearance on the runway was that of a child model, a young girl wearing the same leather and sportswear as her older counterparts. Her addition perfectly encapsulated this show’s preoccupation with new and old, brutal and youthful, the historical and the contemporary.

Pierson set out to conceptualise the story of the contemporary woman and the dichotomy of spirituality and survival. She does this but she also shows us extravagance and utility. For every structured architectural silhouette there were delicate lace sleeves, frills and jewels upon vulnerable skin.

The colour scheme also reflected this juxtaposition. Plain colours of sand and tan were adorned with concentrated pops of reds, turquoise and pinks. One area where colour did come to the fray was with eyeshadow, bright block colours shone - emphasised by a harsh brow and plain lip.

‘…and God Created Woman’ shows Pierson’s creation of woman as goddess. The detail to finish was spectacular and the contrast of shapes, colour and design left the room eager for more from this interesting, high-concept "art driven" Welsh designer.


Pierson and her daughter enjoy a celebratory hug at the end of the show

Words: Eleanor Colville, Fashion Week Press, @EleanorColville

Images: Tegan Rush, Fashion Week Photographer,