In the heart of London, a carpet store became host to Jasper Garvida's stunning Ethologie SS16 fashion week show. Guests sat on make-shift rows, formed from the Persian rugs that surrounded the carpeted catwalk. When tropical sounds filled the room, the audience were transported to 'a time gone by'; A place where sophistication and glamour are considered the height of fashion. With Moroccan influences playing a big role in his designs, Garvida captures an enchanted essence of girly style.

LFW_JasperGavida_SS16_011 LFW_JasperGavida_SS16_005

Garvida created a luxurious flair throughout his line by choosing to present designs that flatter, flow and look fabulously fun to wear. Statement pieces included bright yellow maxi dresses and enriched embellished occasion wear, that all add an authentic Morrocan vibe mixed with an air of old Hollywood glamour. All of which is intended for the modern girl who needs that something for those special occasions hanging in her wardrobe.

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Garvida evokes his Arabian influences through his rich and intricate details. Bold prints, sequins as well as plenty of glitz, emphasise the timeless quality of the stunning designs, that reflect a tale of two eras: the classic and the forward-thinking modern.

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Jasper Garvida tells the enchanting story of a 21st Century girl's adventure to discover the beauty of the past. His entire collection is a thoughtful reminder of what came before while creating new and poignant styles that will most definitely have a place within our ever-growing Spring/Summer 2016 wardrobes.

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Words| Sophie Joaman| Fashion Week Press|

Images| Amie Caswell| Fashion Week Photography|