The Isa Arfen presentation took place in The Old Truman Brewery. Models in pretty and pristine pieces from the ready-to-wear collection posed against a backdrop of peeling painted walls.


Each set of models posed in a way that told a snapshot of a story. One picked peas in a gorgeous white summer dress, another arranged flowers and one model could be observed reading magazines, which no doubt will feature Isa Arfen’s looks in the coming months, while wearing a beautiful lilac off the shoulder tier dress that featured a contrasting black bow trim at the neckline. A trio of girls braided each other’s hair in monochrome midi length dresses, two adorned with Keith Haring style prints. Isa Arfen’s influences for this collection are said to be Haring, Grace Jones and the Omo Valley tribes of Ethiopia.







Presenting the collection as she did it was as though the designer (Serafina Sama) was saying ‘here is an outfit for every activity’. You might not automatically think of Isa Arfen’s designs as appropriate for some of the tasks but the presentation did capture the desire to want to wear them all the time, no matter what you were doing.


Off-the-shoulder has been big of late and many think that it’s overexposure has killed it for the time being but Isa Arfen’s muted emerald green off-the-shoulder, double bow-front cut out top will have you lusting for the look once more. And the lilac overcoat with its deep pockets is perfect for the interchangeable English summer.



Here, the recurring trend of ruffles made their mark too, in the form of shoulder detail on a patterned one-piece and printed dress.



Models may have been seen doing some of the most mundane and uninteresting tasks but Isa Arfen’s collection was the exact opposite. It was exciting and intriguing. Simple, yet significant. The designer somehow manages to create pieces that are fuss-free in their appearance but make you want to fuss over them.

Words: Alannah Francis | Fashion Week Press | @AlannahFrancis1

Images: Amie Charlot | Fashion Week Press | @amiecharlot