Faustine Steinmetz presented her Autumn Winter 2017 collection at the Topshop Showspace. This year, the showspace was held at the Tate Modern, which was the perfect place to hold Steinmetz aesthetically clean and modern collection. Steinmetz collections are now known to be both fashion showcase and art installation, with intricate structures and set pieces. This season models, both male and female, stood in white boxes in which the audience could walk between.












The collection centered around a universal wardrobe staple: denim. Focusing on how the material is modified and utilised across the globe, with changes between how cultures and climates affect the use of the fabric. The collection produced a mixture of looks that were equal parts DIY and high fashion. With denim sourced from 30 different countries, Steinmetz took inspiration from how the denim was treated and worn in its country of origin.

Using a limited colour palette of blues and denim washes, paired with whites and blacks, the collection played on recycling and up-cycling materials. Pieces had large recycled labels and Faustine Steinmetz sprawled across jumpers. Crisp, white roll necks were contrasted against dark denim and looks were completed with bleached wash denim boots.












Denim was folded into ruffles and torn into cutouts, with a standout pieces being the Colombian inspired diamante embroidered co-ord, a large baby blue puffer coat and an oversized, striped two piece. The US was an obviously strong influence, being the birthplace of denim, with western style flares and heavily used denim. Menswear was seen in bleached double denim and utility belts tied over jumpsuits.












Words: Andre Bogues | Fashion Week Press | @andredevb

Images:    Jessamine Cera | Fashion Week Photographer | @jessamineceraphoto