Edeline Lee 3

Edeline Lee has returned for SS17 with a creative collection that really showcases why we fell in love with Lee. The collection presented reminded me of the styles that you would see in the streets of Japan. For those that unaware of Japanese fashion, some of the styles are extreme, colourful and avant-garde. Japanese fashion can also be seen as being simple; this simplicity is presented with the different levels and layers of fabrics.

Edeline Lee 1

One model wore a flannel blue and grey asymmetric shirt, this was paired with a white knee length skirt. This particular style worn by the female model can be seen as androgynous. The look was not finished as Lee paired it with a pair of below the knee, white socks and chunky white strappy sandals. By doing so it screamed Japanese fashion. The socks and shoes immediately made the outfit look quirkier and modernised.Edeline Lee 2

This androgynous look continued with the next model who wore a white shirt dress accompanied with an oversized white coat that had black thick lines across it. These patterns emulate the love of patterns that dominate Japanese male fashion. The ensemble is paired with black leggings, socks and strappy sandals.

Lee’s collection is most definitely trendy and presenting a different outwear look. I appreciate that Lee explores Japanese street style and new school romance fashion. Mostly, I appreciate that Lee is bringing it to London. I think the Japanese street style is not something that London has fully embraced as of yet, however I believe that Lee’s collection is a slow transition into accepting it.

Edeline Lee’s collection can be compared to Jonathan Saunders 2009 spring collection and J W Anderson’s SS14 collection. Lee displays a similar style in terms of the simple designs and pastel colours by bringing us something new and edgy.  Although I believe it may take some time for London to fully embrace this style, Lee is definitely taking the right steps forward. It was truly exciting to see the collection first hand and even more exciting to see how Lee will develop from here.

WORDS: Elizabeth Abbey| Fashion Week Press| Elizabeth9422

IMAGES: Zac Mahrouche |Fashion week photographer