Portuguese designer, David Ferreira's show was like delving right into his curious and colourful imagination. For his AW17 collection, 'Freakball,' the designer takes inspiration from freak shows and the circus to put on a fashion spectacle at Freemasons' Hall.

These quirky creatures walk tall, slowly floating down the runway in an explosion of fur and ruffles. As they glide, they twirl and twist their arms in the air, demanding the attention of the audience who can't take their eyes off these magical beings.

It is obvious that Ferreira does not design for the average woman. His muse is an unconventional type with a strong personal style and a taste for stand-out pieces. His garments are known for blurring the lines between fashion and art, and this Fashion Week is no different.

Design details focus on freeing the woman from her natural shape, creating new and quirky silhouettes. These women clearly want to stand out - the voluminous excess of ruffles says so.

This sugary dream world is injected with candy pink, baby blue and soft lilac against accents of rich purple, inky blue and fuchsia. The models' faces are also full of colour, creating dramatic eyes, full pouts and rainbow striped hair.

'Freakball' is a celebration of individuality and not fitting into society's stereotype of "normal." A wonderfully whimsical collection with a strong high-fashion editorial appeal.

Words: Sunna Naseer | Fashion Week Press | @Sunna_Naseer
Images: Rosemary Pitts |Fashion Week Photographer|@rosemarypitts_