Momentarily blinded by the flashing lights outside the On|Off space at The Vinyl Factory, I thought I’d somehow stumbled through a time portal in the doorway when my eyes focussed again on Clio Peppiatt’s presentation.

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Inviting us to ‘kiss the future’, her models posed in futuristic living rooms, complete with television sets, glowing cube chairs and foil curtains. Whether languishing across furniture or stood together in defiant stances, the audience could tell straight away that these girls meant business.


Spaceships and planets were printed, embroidered and embossed upon the fabrics, which ranged from leather to faux fur. Once again, pink was abound; this time in the form of metallic bralets, sexy evening dresses and furry jackets. Hearts and cats fully completed the fun, girly vibe of the room, adorned on accessories. The models’ feet even were robed in nude calf-length pop socks, decorated in silver stars, perhaps putting them back on the fashion radar after being confined to shoe shop floors for several decades.


Yet not only aesthetically pleasing, these clothes also provided function. The designer’s favourite was a jacket which can charge a phone - considering the catfights for plugs in the press lounge, this will almost certainly be a firm favourite with the LFW crowd for next season’s shows.

Speaking to Clio, she explained that she was inspired by the lack of empowered women in video games, leading her to create her own cast of kick-ass, beautifully clothed females. And where better to set them than her favourite sci-fi show set?


Clio’s view of the future is ultimately one of girl power, combining femininity with fierce independence.


Words: Katharine Bennett | Fashion Week Press | @misskatebennett

Images: Eloise Peachey | Fashion Week Press | @eloisepeachey