Blossoming prints are a theme in this seasons addition to Claire Tagg’s AW18 collection. A gentle nudge to the soon to be spring season, as the collection adorns a gentle cascade of orchid and floral prints traversing down and across the clothing in a decorative and light manner with some bold colour clashes thrown in between, with the clothing primarily focused on the effect of colour against its neutral white or singular colour base coat.


The show space itself even reflects the gentle and subtle themes of Claire’s work, as the models embrace the stage to be fawned over by the and photographers and voyeurs alike. Accompanied by the eloquent compositional music of Ludovico Einaudi’s Divenire, the show set a subtle scene of peacefulness and serenity that reflected the clothing.



Although Tagg’s collection did feature a few themes of vibrancy, particularly with kimonos and accessories such as flowery hoop earrings (which by the way, we think are really cool).



The collection itself featured a mixture of subtle pastel colours with splashes of colour blocking thrown into the clothing ranging from hand tied crop tops adorned with sequins to the previously mentioned kimonos, longer length skirts that flow with effortless grace and some avant-garde half coats sustained by straps, accompanied with draping forearm wraps.


Surrounded by an all-white stage, it is clear to see how Tagg’s influence has stemmed from the transition and beauty arising from the the development of flowers during the spring and autumnal seasons with the nude and natural makeup palette on the models allowing for the clothing to essentially speak for itself. The models essentially look heavenly while adorned in the clothing, with themes of innocence and virginal beauty lending a developmental story to the collection about the growth of nature as the models descend from the stage in a graceful manner to manoeuvre around the hungry crowd.


Words: Nathan Mills | Fashion Week Press

Images: Megan Love | Fashion Week Photographer | Website