Urban chic for the busy, cosmopolitan woman was the theme of C J Yao's London Fashion Week show at the Freemason's Hall. Her collection for those leading an on the go, active lifestyle featured pieces created perfectly imperfect to project the message that its okay to break free from the polished, always put together look. And its especially okay to embrace your own unique style in whatever way you choose. With a layered, 'inside-out' aesthetic, Yao channels urban youth culture throughout her extensive collection and stresses the importance of defining innovative individuality through fashion.

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The sporty style presented on the green stripped catwalk was complemented through the use of lightweight materials and stand-out pieces such as wide-legged trousers with permanent pleating that added a swing to the each and every step; As well as capturing the wearers natural movements. Yao produces designs with dynamic fluidity and movement that help to give her designs an attitude of its own.

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Yao's collection radiates confidence and experiments with the creatively fun ways that casual and formal fashions can be mixed 'n matched. She also presents a playful quintessence of urban, sporty style through the use of trimmings to inject a splash of quirkiness into the seams. Yao continues this slight eccentricity by adorning her designs with numbers that leave an air of suspense and plenty of questions. What do the numbers symbolise? Are they fashion's version of a giant sudoku puzzle?

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C J Yao's SS 16 collection is an eclectic selection of urban wear for the on- the- go individual in their quest to take on the world. Yao constantly reinforces the idea that fashion should be unique; it should be refreshing; it should even be a little bit crazy, but most importantly it should just be fun!

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Words| Sophie Joaman| Fashion Week Press|

Images| Mel Williams| Fashion Week Photographer|