For Autumn / Winter 17, the design duo behind Barrus, Neslisah Yilmaz and Nur Caglayan, continue to unite their heritage with global forms of fashion in their collection which once again pays tribute to their Turkish background.  This time, they take influence from the seventh wonder of the ancient world, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, creating a look that pairs simple clean tailoring with eye-catching embellishment.

The show opened with the confident stride of Turkey's international top model, Tulin Sahin, in bejewelled flowing gown in a rich gemstone blue.  This set the tone for the show - an opulent and elegant affair of intense hues and daring cuts.  Masculine tailored catsuits and bodysuits are given a feminine touch with beading and sleek satin collaring.

A sprinkle of sparkle on the bodice and a flash of feather at the cuff conjures images of a pensile paradise, while full skirts and fluid sleeves give a sense of movement and flow.  A sequinned jumpsuit is swathed in sheer rich purple, giving the effect of a shimmering oasis beneath.

Plunging necklines teamed with full length skirts add glamour and gloss while decorative trims draw you into the details, like delicate flowers in a lively landscape.  Opulent and intricate, this collection has complex depths as it asks your eye to return to examine the details again and again.

Colour blocking played a big part in breaking up the show into clear sections.  Autumnal plums and intense navy gave way to a subtle sage and delicate ivory as the show progressed to climax in a range of snow white gowns, showcasing a Babylonian inspired sense of structure and style. The final billowing white dress worn by Sahin as she closed the show would certainly honour Queen Amytis as she admired her infamous gardens.

Words: Niki Rooney | London Fashion Week Press | United Agents

Images: Mel Williams | London Fashion Week Photographer |  @mvwphotographer