The ocean is unfathomable to most of us. So much of it is unknown - this is where the inspiration for Alexis Carballosa's new collection, entitled 'Unbound' came from. With his signature use of gossamer fabrics to cover the head, each piece tempts us to imagine what might be found if we were free to explore the depths of the sea without limits. What would we find there in those exotic deep expanses?

If Carballosa's show is anything to go by, it's possible we might uncover anything.  Long ruffled skirts and flowing pleated cloaks offer hints of seahorses and mermaids.  Black asymmetrical frills are reminiscent of fins or flippers, while a tulip shaped skirt over trousers evokes images of seashells.  A pleated skirt is paired with an ivory sheer blouse and a silver waistband - like a glimmering fish catching the sunlight beneath the swirling surface.

The colour palette is mainly a spectrum of blues and greens - from a dazzling aquamarine and shimmering cerulean to a vibrant peacock and sparkling emerald.  But this is interspersed with a squid ink black and splashes of yellow to remind us that beneath the cool blue-green water, lurks a unique and unusual kind of beauty.

Each piece is carefully structured to give the impression of water flowing or tidal waves - as the models glided down the runway as smoothly as they would cut through water.  Whether your preferred ocean inspiration is Ariel the little mermaid or Ursula the sea witch, this underwater influenced collection is certain to capture your imagination.

Words: Niki Rooney | Fashion Week Press | United Agents

Photos: Mel Williams | Fashion Week Photographer | @mvwphotographer