Having graduated from London College of Fashion in 2010 Milo Maria debuted her third collection at London fashion week for SS17. There was most definitely a theme within her collection which was ‘minimalism’. There was a range of materials used but mostly her collection consisted of satins, silks and classic designs. Collectively the designs were supposed to reflect in her own an ‘astronomical journey’ and she most certainly showed this.


The classic designs were accompanied by the models having their hair swept behind. The models stood side to side and some on different levels with two models sitting on a box, the different levels allowed us to see the different ways that the dresses would appear.


The theme of sophistication was displayed through the long dresses/skirts and suit outfits, portraying women to be fierce and simultaneously graceful. Many of the pieces stuck out to me, the brown on brown long sleeved top and matching oversized pleated skirt in vinyl material was a personal favourite. The design is a classic piece, although it could appear quite casual there is something about the design that makes it very demure. Quite similarly there was a sheer long sleeved peach top accompanied by a long ankle length white skirt. What was noticeable with the two models is this carefree aura that they exuded. Most designs displayed at fashion week sometimes tend not to be deigns that the average person can wear, however Maria’s collection does otherwise.


What was interesting about the collection is the different shapes and fabrics used for each design. Despite the difference in each look, it is evident that all the models were part of one collection. Evidently this shows that Maria is solidifying her mark in the fashion world.


Most of the designs in the collection were not figure hugging. Most of the designs were ankle length or covered most of the body. The neutral tones as well as the designs really emphasised this classical minimalistic look that Maria successfully accomplishes. Who knows what is next for Milo Maria, if she can build on this collection for AW17 then the future is looking very bright for her!


WORDS: Elizabeth Abbey| Fashion Week Press| @elizabeth9422

IMAGES: ELLEN| Fashion Week Photographer