Fledgling designer, Wan Hung, has only been showcasing at LCM since last year. Chosen for the 'Vision from a New Generation' exhibition in 2015, Hung is a name certainly worth knowing.

The SS17 presentation, which took place at W London in Leicester Square, featured clean cut-tailoring, print, classic silhouettes and an interesting focus on textiles. Tailored draping is achieved through developments in 3D cutting and unexpected flourishes of hand embroidery and beading run throughout the collection. Coloured beads outline the printed wave patterns and are used to embellish entire pockets and the placement of the brand name.



The ocean blue colour scheme and wave patterns take inspiration from Hung's own acrylic paintings of Hainan's tropical beaches, where he grew up. Hainan, which is often described as the Hawaii of China, is a large tropical island boasting year-round holiday weather, coconut palms, gold sand and rainforests. The juxtaposition of Hainan's natural beauty with the present day urban landscape underlies the Wan Hung brand aesthetic, bringing a piece of paradise into the modern man's wardrobe.


Accompanying the display was a digital video inside a plush screening room. The artistic film featured models jumping and "surfing" on a sofa draped in scrunched up blue and white fabric mimicking ocean waves. The mood was lively, active and energetic suggesting a fun youthful outlook.



Hung, who believes city workers dream of vacations in paradise, has created a vibrant collection full of escapism, adventure and excitement.

Words: Sunna Naseer | Fashion Week Press | @sunna_naseer
Images: Daniela Monteiro | Fashion Week Photographer |