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Presenting both menswear and womenswear, Katie Eary portrayed a darker and more mature collection following the success of her My Little Pony inspired Spring Summer 2016 showcase. For Autumn Winter 2016, the designer wanted to focus on her print making and created intricate prints of butterflies that was executed in such a detailed manner it resembled paisley print. Appliqués of pale pink corn snakes and brightly coloured fish with large eyes were added to dark navy jumpers and striped shirts, adding the element of fun to the collection. 

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The backbone of the collection was silk, with a variety of loose fitting suits for men and off the shoulder dresses and robes for women. The silk was presented in similar shades of orange and purple with Eary playing with classic sartorial concepts such as candy stripe and polka dots. Velour-like materials were also featured in jackets with suede patches on the upper back and the looks were completed with matching sweatshirts, neck chokers or high shine black trousers.

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Metallic silver trousers were seen in both women's and menswear, with black cross stitching on the front of many. High waisted silver skirts akin to iconic costumes from the 1968 cult film Barbarella, were matched with navy crop tops with translucent shoulder cut-outs and oversized zip details. More influence was taken from the era of Barbarella with Eary being heavily inspired by Lou Reed and Iggy Pop. Eary also played with gender fluidity and androgyny, and like everyone who has looked at gender in popular culture was inspired by the legendary, and sadly recently passed, David Bowie, whose legacy has influenced almost every part of fashion.  

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Words by: Andre Bogues | Fashion Week Press | @andredevb

Images by: Eloise Peachey | Fashion Week Photographer | @eloisepeachey