With the quintessential London rain hammering down in floods, there was no better place to seek refuge than Hunter Gatherer’s ‘Neon Noir’ presentation this morning – welcomed by a delightful breakfast spread of salmon canapés and rustic granola yoghurts. We bustled over to the show spot for a good viewpoint, and with not a moment spared to compose yourself - or even swallow your last nibble of bagel: the presentation began.

The brand cites a Ryan Gosling circa ‘Drive’ inspiration - though, fortunately, the collection packs more of a punch than Gosling’s mono-emotional performance. Panning in primarily to a dark, black-on-black vibe, HG utilise monochrome in a multitude of fashions: incorporating graphic zip prints, Pollock-reminiscent paint splattering and tastefully distressed leather. The look could almost be described as the kind of clothes you’d force your bad-boy boyfriend to wear upon his first meeting of the parents. Slickly tailored, precisely fitted, but quietly bursting at the seams with a punk-driven edginess.

Conversely, the line took a brighter turn at the halfway point: two models shone amidst the sea of black and white. A/W14 adds in the tease of a summer palette with neon yellow and beige, throwing the aforementioned monochrome to the wall - if you’ll excuse the horrendous Pollock joke. Though the pieces could be deemed a tad out of place, the colour splurge in today’s winter chill could only remind us of lighter days to come.

Check out the Hunter Gather profile on the London Collections: Men webpage.

Words: Ebony Lauren Nash | Fashion Week Press | @Ebzo
Images: Rosemary Pitts |Fashion Week Photographer|@rosemarypitts_

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