Boasting an OBE and a fan base that includes the likes of Mos Def, Drake, Michael Fassbender and Robert Downey Jnr, it’s evident that father and son fashion house Casely-Hayford know how to impress. Their AW 2016 collection grabbed attention with bold prints, experimental pattern-cutting and an exquisite level of detail to ensure that come September, they’ll be the go-to label for party season.
 WJLondon_Casely-Hayford_AW16_2 WJLondon_Casely-Hayford_AW16_10
If turning heads is the aim of the game, Joe and Charlie will ensure you succeed. Petal-like shapes were dispersed with smudges and graffiti-like marks in a turquoise, pink, violet, white and orange design that adorned an overcoat, trousers, and a blazer; the latter of which was sleekly styled with a black shirt, tie and trouser ensemble. A red floral tapestry blossomed over a black-lapel blazer and chic hunting jacket, while a blue, black and grey checked two-piece suit will be a must-have for seasonal dinner parties later this year.
WJLondon_Casely-Hayford_AW16_8 WJLondon_Casely-Hayford_AW16_9
Those seeking a more casual aesthetic that still packs a punch should look no further than the key design of the collection - a multi-paneled coat with a two pronged trail. This unique feature was seen on a variety of outerwear, from a lightweight beige and khaki coat with a peaked hood, to a denim patchwork piece... and what it lacks in practicality, it certainly makes up for in statement.
WJLondon_Casely-Hayford_AW16_7 WJLondon_Casely-Hayford_AW16_20
Other notable inclusions included oversized detailing such as a rounded sheepskin collar and enlarged pockets that hung over the hem of a khaki wool coat, as well as huge cuffs and elongated back tabs on a jacket. Trousers were featured in both narrow and baggy cuts, while a monochome two-tone top will be an ideal understated piece. Meanwhile two outfits managed to take smart-casual to whole new level by pairing both a faded blue camouflage top and an almost dress-like grey jumper with draped gold military rope lanyards and embroidered blue velvet.
WJLondon_Casely-Hayford_AW16_24 WJLondon_Casely-Hayford_AW16_26
Outfits were styled with the likes of a beige rucksack and chic sunglasses from Blanc, alongside an array of stylish footwear courtesy of a collaboration with American brand Sperry, whose founder invented the classic boat shoe. With expert tailoring skills, an ethos based around a fusion between an ‘...expression of free spirit with the very particular gestures of English sartorialism’ and a whole host of edgy ideas, Casely-Hayford can deliver a truly eye-catching wardrobe for AW16.
Words: Helen Lovett | Fashion Week Press | @mustardyellowshoes
Images: Mel Williams | Fashion Week Photographer