You'd be forgiven for thinking you'd happened upon a forgotten festival stage hidden in the depths of the ME Hotel late last night. A meeting of minds and of sequin embellishment, fur trimmed blacks and red lips, all slut dropping to Riff Raff as Day 1 at LC:M drew to a close; after work drinks have never been this good.
Heavy music and live performances from SMITHLDN filled the re-appropriated function room that had played host to the Ada + Nik AW14 show not moments earlier. Models still in their layers of leather danced to Ying Yang Twins / Whisper Song, encircled by a crowd all recent converts to Njoy cigarettes, creating a lazy smoke screen around this impromptu dance off. This was deepest darkest Dalston come to central London. We mingled under catwalk lights between rows of white chairs, strangely nostalgic of an airport departure lounge, a lost limbo for the fashion few as we waited for a flight that would never arrive. And while we waited we drank Snow Queen Vodka and talked twerking, and rap, and boys dressed as girls.

The crowd was men in skirts, men in suits, and hats. Lots of hats. Branded beanies, bunny ears and Yashkathor candy coloured headwear, not too dissimilar to vintage flight attendant attire that seemed apt amongst this strange meeting of Underground East London, Fashion Show and Airport departure lounge.

Words: Anna Claire Sanders | Fashion Week Press | @sannaanders
Images:  Sebastian McCluskey | Fashion Week Photographer | @mccluskey1