An exploration of music and performance formed the backbone for the Ada + Nik show in an on screen kaleidoscopic clashing of base lines, blood and beautiful boys. Opening with the premiere of 'The Dark Wolf' film for AW14/15 by Oz Thakkar and Ada + Nik, starring emerging rapper SMITH LDN, model Diego Barrueco and illustrator / model Nikita Andrianova, this cinematic short hinted at something more sinister under an overlay of constellations, fireworks and mystical drawings in the sand, the afterglow of which coloured our off screen world of thumping base and sultry heat as models in black trousers and black leather arrived before we could draw breath.

This was street wear infused with something darkly nostalgic, hooded stares and beautiful rebels walked the room with a sense of belonging; the cool kids of the playground, smoking stolen cigarettes and breaking hearts, a restless youth adorned in inky blacks. Trademark leather came in architectural cut out emblazoned across broad shoulders and in heavy jackets; boxy and unashamedly masculine silhouettes over bare chests and sheer lengths, a certain romance in these gentler drapes and gossamer folds. Tattoos were revealed under mini dresses and delicate slips cut close to the thigh, a provocative use of feminine fashion territory to highlight the masculine, this overtly sexual re-imaging of 1950's glamour a cinematic thread woven throughout the collection.

Boys in drag smoked e-cigarettes, boys for fashion and its followers to covert and crave, boys you wouldn't introduce your mother to, and underneath this play on gender and sexuality, perhaps a nod to James Dean in sultry stares and leather biker jackets, leaving a certain longing for the silver screen and silver tongued boys playing on my mind long after the show was over.

Words: Anna Claire Sanders | Fashion Week Press | @sannaanders
Images:  Sebastian McCluskey | Fashion Week Photographer | @mccluskey1