We all have to do it at one time or another - you have a meeting that you're early for, or two that are badly matched when it comes to timing. Maybe you just need to kill an hour for one reason or another or need a break from the office or home.

The simple fact is though, is that it's really annoying for other people. Coffee shop laptop squatters that sit nursing an empty coffee come or, even worse, empty free water glass with one hand and are browsing or typing with the other, taking up valuable seats and table space are a bit of a pain.

It's great that so many places have available WIFI and that they don't hassle you to hurry up and drink and leave but we should all make a mental note not to take for piss when it's clear that there are decent amounts of people wishing they had somewhere to sit with their newly purchased drink or sandwich.

In an effort to stop this from happening some coffee shops in the States have reserved "express tables" for non-computer users.

So, in an effort to help the situation over here we have made a list below of good places if you do want to sit somewhere on your laptop for a prolonged period of time. Generally they include places with ample seating that never get overly busy, therefore no ones upsetting anyone. These include :

Yumchaa Camden

Plenty of seating, never too over run and you wont be bothered by staff if you are there for a while. There are also plugs near some of the tables and the oh so helpful free water jug.

Most Starbucks

Starbucks, although they get busy are generally a good one to sit with your laptop in, mostly because a large amount of people never want to actually sit in them - they get their coffee and leave. And we know that some of you are going to writhe in agony at the suggestion that someone goes to Starbucks but we are afraid that it is a simple fact that they are a pretty good location for laptop squatting. Plus they can easily absorb some lost trade.

Joe & The Juice, Carnaby

This fairly new Joe and the Juice is tucked just off Carnaby and therefore not that busy yet. Plus it is large so there are plenty of seats to go around.

Most modern pubs

Think of a pub rather than a coffee shop - you don't have to drink and it will be pretty quite in the morning and afternoon, plus many do coffee and other drinks. So win win. On the other hand, if you want to drink you can just get quietly pissed with the excuse of working.

Try to go to the places above where you won't stop much needed custom as coffee shops are not really here to be offices and smaller establishments really do suffer from people sitting and sucking up their WIFI without purchasing more than a cheap drink during their stay.

Image : zerode.wordpress.com