it_was_cold__winter_morning__by_mala_lesbia-d4pmh8cOk so the nights are about to draw in, it's about to get a hell of  lot colder and often what comes with that is giving up on the gym, turning to comfort food and generally getting the sniffles when you get run down.

But we have some ways to change all that - here are our top 5 ways to stay tip top over the winter period.

1. Buy Echinacea and Berocca from Boots or a Wholesfoods so similar. These little beauties taken in the morning or evening if you begin to feel a little winterified will have you perked right back up again. Keep them stocked up in your cupboards when you need that little helping hand.

2. Don't oversleep! It may be about to get darker in the mornings but that doesn't mean you should sleep in more. Too much sleep plays havoc with your mood, immune system and more. It's been written about a bunch of times lately and the general consensus is that 7 hours of good quality sleep should be what you're aiming for.

3. Wash your hands. Think about it - money, the office kitchen and loo, the tube, the bus - all of these places are pretty bugged up - especially as germs start to go around come winter time. You don't need to go as far as getting one of those masks and carrying anti-bac but washing your hands regularly will help to stave off any unwanted germies ready to bed down in your nose or lungs for the winter.

4. Drink water! Ok so this should be drilled into you rby now but in the winter sometimes when it's cold we start to avoid water more. But with cold winds, heating and more you can avoid at least half of your dry skin and chapped lip problems by drinking enough water.

5. If you have forgotten to drink enough water then make sure you have some Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream at hand. This stuff is winter wonder cream when it comes to chapped lips and sore noses from colds. It pretty much solves any dry or chapped skin problem