K10 japanese restaurant

K10 is a conveyor belt japanese sushi restaurant with a twist. They have 2 locations, both in the city and we love both.

Newly opened K10, Appold St is smart and welcoming. The K10 restaurants are much more like proper smart restaurants with an emphasis on dining not just a fast food fix conveyor. They have proper tables the the belt services for example, not just a bar.

Options on the conveyor are ample with more substantial japanese dishes than your regular Yo! or Hi Sushi.

The hand rolls, made to order are amazing and everything is fresh and newly prepared just as it should be. Another perk of K10 is that is has a decent wine selection, something that so many sushi restaurants fall down on as well as some of the best deserts we have ever had in a Japanese restaurant.

Find more on the deserts here.

20 Copthall Ave  London EC2R 7DN
020 7562 8510