Jungle and Drum & Bass are making a well overdue come back and the legendary Congo Natty, AKA Rebel MC, is leading the Revolution.

His latest release Get Ready, features a firey young female singer who goes by the name of Nãnci Correia. With powerful pipes to rival those of Adele and Florence Welch, Nancy brings back the old school drum & bass sound perfectly. There is no cause for complaint when listening to her flawless vocals. This song is a sure fire hit, and one which even those who weren't into drum &  bass before, will find themselves running onto the dance floor for as it hits the decks. At just 22 years old, Nanci is the definition of young, fresh talent. Keep your eyes peeled ladies and gentlemen! Viva le Jungle Revolution!

This video features clips from Outlook festival. Click HERE for details.
Visit Nanci's myspace HERE.