unnamed-1The UK’s First Indoor Urban Fruit Grove is popping up on Greek Street, London for two days in August to celebrate the launch of Onken’s Greek Style Yogurt range

Yogurt lovers will be able to walk around the grove, picking their very own Greek Style pot straight from the trees.

The pop-up fruit grove will be completely free but it’s BYOS, which means visitors simply need to bring a spoon with them in order to be granted entry to explore the grove and try the range. You’ll also be joined by the handsome 6’6 Greek god, Dairyus who has travelled far and wide to reach the grove on Greek Street, London (getting a little lost along the way).

Open to the public on the evening of Thursday 20th August and all day Friday 21st August, the Urban Fruit Grove celebrates the launch of the Greek Style Yogurt range; Apple and spiced Cinnamon, Lemon & tangy Raspberry and Rhubarb & fiery Ginger.

Where: 14 Greek Street, Soho, London, W1D 4DP


7:45pm – 10pm, Thursday 20th August 2015 – Open to public

10am – 6pm, Friday 21st August 2015 – Open to public