rick genest without tattoos?

Apparently this is the picture we have all been looking for for some time Mr Genest (or Zombie Boy) prior to his zombie tattoos.

We have been wondering for some time what the model might have looked like before he got inked up and here, it seems is our answer.

Rick waited until he was 16 out of respect for his parents until he got his first tattoo but after that it was full throttle getting almost every millimetre of his body inked from the waist up to make him look like a rotting corpse.

It of course has stood him in good stead what with Lady Gaga picking up Rick for her music video Born This Way and Muggler using Genest in their most recent campaign. We'd just also like to see the pictures of when this man is about 70.

His mother said when talking to the Daily Mail last month : 'He's doing what he wants to do. He's always been a very artistic person and a good student - he's so artistic.

And now? Well, he of course looks like this -

Rick Genest (Zombie Boy) lady gaga