Here is new denim brand, Nok Nok denim. In their new fashion video they show of styles for both boys and girls in a range of studded and tie dye options.

Some of these items really take me back to a pair of jeans I used to have when I was 17. They were hideous. And I am concerned that although at the time they were the best thing ever in my eyes this new love of tie dye denim might have the same fate in about 6 months time.

However, for now they look good and if I was going to buy a pair I would go with black as you can never go wrong with black. Though I must admit just like back then these pale green tie dye stud options are pretty much making my hand reach for my wallet just writing about them.

London based denim brand, Nok Nok describes its collections as 'a continuous exploration of British sub-cultures'.