George Ogilvie started writing music at the age of 18 and in just a few years he gained an impressive online presence. George’s influences grew as he threw himself into the local music scene in Kent and spent the majority of his time seeking out music from all of the eras that resonated with him. From people such as Bon Iver, Sharon Van Etten, John Martyn to soul/jazz legends like Ray Charles & Nina Simone, George's infleunces range far and wide .
We wanted to find out more about this newcomer, so we caught up with him for a quick chat.

George's single "October" is out now, and was inspired by a close friendship; downfalls taking their toll on something good.

1. What/Who are the main influences on your songwriting

I would say that my initial ideas tend to stem from myself; spanning out into my interactions and relationships with the people in my life as well as with emotions and situations. I have also noticed that nature has become quite an apparent theme in a lot of my lyrics, I've always noticed the correlations between nature and experiences/feelings - both having a light and a dark side - having grown up in the countryside and spending childhood holidays on Cornish beaches I think that the outdoors will always inspire me artistically.

2. Can you explain in a little more detail what your song 'October' means to you

I suppose in essence October is about not being in the right place to help someone you care about; a classic case of 'you can't help others, until you help yourself'. I think the story behind the song is a little darker than it immediately comes across as it describes a pretty intense time in my life but an experience that I eventually gained a lot from - this song will always be important to me because, although it's not always pleasant to be reminded of the past; it often shows you how far you've come.

3. Tell us who you’re tipping as ones to watch in the music world (3 artists/any genre)

One of my favourite bands this year are called Palace, caught them live earlier this year, was a brilliant set and they seem to be growing rapidly, think that after their album release next month they'll be making a bigger name for themselves.

Though he's already doing pretty well, after hearing Ry X's first EP I thought there was something special there but didn't quite expect what he delivered in his debut album, one of my top albums of the year and a sound that I'd love to hear more of.

Another would be a friend of mine, Bess Atwell, I think she's quite a rare find, lyrically and vocally very real and pure, she released her debut album earlier this year (which it was a pleasure to feature on) and I think it has the potential to become a classic and do great things for her in 2017.


4. If you could be alive in ANY decade, what would it be and why?

I think I could argue a case for most, but I don't think I could resist living amidst the buzz of the jazz and London nightlife in the roaring twenties.

5. We are Who’s Jack - is there a special/legendary Jack in your world?

Jack Nicholson - what an actor