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WJ Meets: A.M. SNiPER ...

If you haven't heard of rapper/producer A.M. SNiPER you probably haven't been to Ayia Napa or been a true So Solid Crew fan. The multi-talented producer has built up quite a name for himself across the party islands and create a solid fan base watching his every move. We chat to A.M. SNiPER about all things So Solid, Wiley, Ayia Napa and 2016 summer plans.

For those who aren’t familiar with your sound, how would you best describe it?

"I’m an old soul, with a fresh flow, I'm TIMELESS, got no time for less."

You’ve been busy promoting your new single “Hype” with Curren$y, which sampled A Tribe Called Quest's track “Butter”. How did choosing that sample come about?

I knew from day one it would be a single, I wanted to make a statement and I felt the whole world is stuck on an uptempo vibe (which I like by the way) but I wanted to start the journey towards my debut album in first gear. I feel I've been building my vision for so many years that it’s only right to drive through it starting from gear one. I recorded "Hype" knowing I wanted an iconic feature on it.

When I heard it back I knew I wanted to make it a single and an intro to my new sound, look, and vibe, it felt mature and of essence, so I thought who could fit such a track? Of course the first names that came to mind were Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa, but I needed someone of that calibre but not as mainstream, as the purpose of this track is to prove that good music can bypass that.

Immediately I knew I would release the video directly to the public before radio, before promo, before TV and make noise, and Curren$y was my first and only choice. Cool & Dre who have been influential on my album and my US family, these past couple of years put it together for me and also connected me with Zook who helped us clear the sample from A Tribe Called Quest, that sampled the late Phife Dawg (RIP).

You're pretty big on the club Ayia Napa scene, how do you feel the holiday club scene has changed from 10 years ago?

It's definitely got wilder as I know from performing to the crowds, moshpits keep getting bigger and bigger however once the show is done everything is a lot calmer than a decade ago. I feel people now are lot more in tune with their preferences and they are very music orientated so it makes our job even more special. The crowd is part of my show, we put a show on together, I have seen multiple crops of artists rotate, and different sounds come and go. This is my blessing and my fountain of youth that keeps me grounded and always rising and relevant.

Your collaboration CV is varied to say the least, is there anyone you’d love to work with who might come as a surprise to fans?

Major Laser in on my list as well as The Game. I am a loyal player, I’m like Ryan Giggs and I know after my solo moves I will enter the Pharell, Dre, Rick Rubin mould… Mans already got the beard flowing!

You’ve built up a reputable fan base and following, having released a large and varied number of tracks. Do you still consider yourself an underground artist? 

Yes, 100% It will always be in my DNA to go under the radar and do selective projects similar to the SNiPER SKILLS mixtape with Jaguar Skills.

“Hype” is from your forthcoming album ‘Good Night Good Morning’, what can we expect from the release?

The album has three segments, so the segment that captures “the past” will most definitely have a similar vibe to “Hype". But I never like making songs sound like one another, I’m more about making one-off pieces that stand strong on their own as well as part of a body of work. I’m the vegetables that kids push aside in their plate to eat the junk food but as time goes by they need the veggies to make sure they stay healthy! “Hype" is healthy even though the smokers vibe to it! LOL.

The UK grime/urban scene is the strongest it’s been in years, is there anyone in particular your championing?

Everyone! That is the key, we need to push what comes from home and not snob it, or ignore it because of personal feuds or because unfortunately some people are measuring how big the piece of the pie is for them to eat. Everyone eats, everyone wins! Together everyone achieves more.

What else can we expect from A.M. SNiPER in 2016?

I have an iconic, major key collaboration in the works, and with all the right blessings we will have another serious collaboration coming. That will set up the stage for my debut album to release in 2017! It’s such an incredible time for me, my family, my team, and all my fans, my snapchat Zombies!


Words: Corrie Parris