We've been big fans of Louis Berry's music here at WJ, so we caught up with the Liverpudlian singer-songwriter to discuss all things music, growing up and what the future holds.

Tell us a bit about yourself for our readers, who is Louis Berry?

Louis Berry is the leader of a new movement bringing about a new age of rock and roll.
Born in Liverpool.

How would you best describe your sound, and what makes you stand out from the rest?
I think what makes me stand out from the rest is where I come from and my background.
I didnt come through the typical route to music i.e university or practicing in someones garage.
Reason being I come from a place where the vast majority of people cant afford to go to university, and where I come from no one has the luxury of garages.
Musically I stand apart because I dont try to sound like anyone, look like anyone, speak like anyone or act like anyone.
My songs are truth, I dont write because it ryhmes. I write about hardships and struggles whether it be about personal troubles or world issues. But dont get me wrong I like to have fun. My songs make people dance. Thats the irony.

How has your personal life effected your music?

My personal life affects my music everyday. From a young age I learnt to see things differently.  I had to just get my head around things. My dad was a heroin addict, I lived in a very poor household and was an only child. When its all you know you accept it but when it hurts you still have to adapt.
Today my personal life is a lot better but still shapes my music in every way imaginable.

What would you like listeners to take away from your music?

when they come to listen to my music I want them to walk away with their head held high knowing that wherever or whatever they come from they can achieve what ever they set out to do. I'm the example of that but mainly I want them to have a f**kin good time.

What can we expect from you for the rest of the year?

Big singles and a Big album. I'm gonna tear rock and roll up. Then I'm coming with the soul ...

Check out Louis latest single "Nicole" below:

Words: Corrie Parris