We met up with the hottest MMG rapper of the moment, Stalley. As we walked into The Ace hotel in Shoreditch it was apparent that something new was in the building; an exciting energy and people huddled round a very tall man with an epically brilliant beard. Stalley, standing at over 6 foot tall, is a friendly giant if ever there was one. A man so apparently kind and humble, that it's impossible not to like him.

How are you feeling?

I’m okay, i’m surprisingly ok - i thought i’d be jet lagged but i guess it’s because i’ve been surprisingly busy since i touched down.

What do you think of London?

I’ve been here probably over ten times so i’m familiar with the city and it’s always something new. This time definitely feels like one of the more energetic times. I feel like people know who i am a little more after the album. People are excited about the show so it’s definitely a good feeling to be here.


What is it like to come over and be representing the Maybach Music Empire?

It’s definitely a blessing. You know i went to Living Proof yesterday and the love over here is real. They were banging out the MMG music and people were going crazy. I had a great time. To be here representing and hold it down for my “bredrins” (laughs) is amazing.

What can you tell us about Rick Ross that we may not know over here?

I think people underestimate his genius or his vision. He has a vision and a gameplay and he executes well. He sets all of us up properly. He wants to see us all blossom into stars and be successful. I don’t think he gets the credit over here for the business man he is. I think he is widely recognised as a musician; but i’m not sure people really understand what he has done and how he has changed lives. Every day he is working and trying to come up with different plans and different ideas, and even better - he’s open to our ideas. That’s what makes him a true visionary to me. When you see who your artist is and you support that.



Where does the name Stalley come from?

Stalley comes from the horse - like a stallion. It was a nickname given to me as a child. I used to play sports growing up so they used to compare me to a black stallion; and over time it just got broken down to Stalley.

What do you think of your UK Fans?

They are so different. Man, they are passionate. They love the music and the sound and it’s amazing to have them supporting all the way over here. You know i’m from a small town in Ohio and to be able to get the love and the energy, (and it’s all positive energy that i get over here), us amazing. The crowds are definitely turn up! In America they get turnt, but here it’s next level.