He's just dropped his debut EP "Est.1990"; but J Warner is no stranger to the music world, having written for the likes of Tinie Tempah, JLS and more. Bringing his own unique hybrid form of RnB into the mix, J Warner has collaborated with the likes of poet Kojey Radical and Wretch 32 on this sublime project. We caught up with him to discuss the release, and his musical endeavours...



Tell us about your debut EP, why is it called ‘Est.1990’ and how long have you been making it for?

My EP is entitled "Est.1990" simply because i thought it was the easiest way to differentiate who I am and how my music reflects that, in regards to the creation process of the music there was no particular start or deadline, I would say from the final quarter of last year till the beginning of this year the songs started to piece themselves together.


Wretch 32 and Tinie Tempah are pretty big names to have worked with - how did you come to work with these guys?

Signing my publishing deal and with it being a joint venture involving "Disturbing London" as a half, affiliated me to the team and of course Tinie, naturally the stars aligned I guess and the rest is history

I started working with wretch through a mutual friend and talented producer "Wizzy Wow" who had worked on many projects and established a great relationship with wretch, it was kind of as simple as me sending a demo to Wizzy and he played it whilst being in a session with wretch, immediately he was excited and literally called me and booked me a cab down to work on his project. Me being a big fan of wretch and his wordsmith like abilities urged me to play him my EP as it was at the time and "Chill Chase" was the one that grabbed his attention.


Kojey Radical features on your EP, as a poet. Are you a fan of poetry? Do you think it fits into music?

I'm a fan of anything expressive! In my world it is all art, so I wouldn't say I'm a fan in the sense of going to a open mic bar to click fingers, but I really respect the art form and I would say it's inspired me today as I would refer to myself as a "melodic poet". In regards to Kojey I really respect and I'm really excited about the way he delivers and the passion he has to find middle ground with poetry and music, so fusing the 2 step jazzy garage soundscape on "Live" was a special moment for me.


J Warner


Will we see a video to accompany your project? 

Yes, working on something as we speak.


If you could collaborate with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?

Michael Jackson. Not that the magnitude of his greatness could be taught because I believe some gifts are just beyond words and action, But I guess seeing his creative approach to a song would leave me with notes for decades.


A blind date question: If you were a packet of crisps, what flavour would you be?

Sweet chilli


We are Who’s Jack Magazine. Do you have a special Jack in your life?

No not really... But who is jack who's jack ?