Bugzy Malone has been releasing a visual aid to his mixtape every Monday at 7pm for the past 4 weeks... he's still got two more weeks to share with us. We caught up with this emotion-led rapper to find out why he decided to take on such a unique and diverse project of work...


  • - We love the mixtape 'The Journal of an Evil Genius' so far... can you tell us what the last three episodes will be called?

Thanks guys. The last three episodes are called RainMaker, Troubled and Tormented & Evil Genius

  •  - What made you decide to do a visual mixtape. Do you think we need to watch the videos too, or can people also just listen?

It’s basically a Mixtape campaign, my whole approach to this project was to test the waters with my mixtape stuff before we bring out the EP by doing something consistent and a little bit different. I felt as if I wanted to tell a story loosely based on reality and used the raw emotion of the songs as an excuse to create a mini-horror movie. The tracks tell a strong and consistent story by themselves, but the visual just gives the mixtape a whole new meaning.

  • - Which is your favourite track on the mixtape?

Probably 'Evil Genius' just because it's a song that was made spontaneously, and for me it concludes the mixtape perfectly.

  • - You have a very loyal following. Why do you think this is?

I think this is due to my style of song writing, i tend to tell a lot of stories allowing people to connect with me and feel as if they know me personally.

  • -What does the rest of 2014 have in store for Bugzy Malone?

I won't say too much at this point but you can expect to see much more from me, including a Part II to this project.