crab1 A pop up you have to get to if you're a crab lover this winter!

Mayfair known to be home to the most eye wateringly expensive establishments that often do not live up to their price tag. HOC is currently a pop up just off Bond Street that not only lives up to expectations but comes at a very reasonable price due to its rather ad hoc venue- note- you are here for crab, not for extravagant surroundings. Saying this, the manager is cute, friendly and eager to tempt you with more cocktails than what you see on the menu which is a nice way to start (eager to please isn’t always what London’s service industry is famed for!!).  The Crabby Mary is a must, served with a crab claw garnish and shaken up with a dash of crab bisque in line with the theme. 


A simple menu with twists for crab lovers and a non-fishy option for those tagging along with crustacean enthusiasts. Crab mac and cheese- heaven in a clay-pot. The crab roll brioche is so soft it feels like clouds in your mouth whilst stuffed with different choices of crab with a humorous word play on the styles such as the Singaclaw (white and brown crab meat, hot sauce, sesame seeds, nori and coriander) or the Mexican version goes by the name of El Jimaclaw (white and brown crab meat, avocado, chilli, coriander and sour cream). The list of sides is short and sweet with offerings such as seaweed or rosemary fries and a crisp and fresh samphire salad which complement the rest well.

Dinner was deliciously delectable yet I cannot help but feel that the boys running it need a women’s touch to add a few simple marine comforts to enhance the atmosphere. It would entice people to stay a little longer than for a quick bite before putting their sail to the wind.

The four rolls on offer are -

  • Clawpedo - Salcombe brown and white crab meat, house alioli, radish and apple (£8.50)
  • The Crabfather - Salcombe brown and white crab meat, confit tomato, burata cream and crispy pancetta (£9.50)
  • El Jimaclaw - Salcombe brown and white crab meat, vocado, chilli, coriander and sour cream (£9.50)
  • Singaclaw - Salcombe brown and white crab meat,hot sauce, sesame seeds and coriander (£9.50)

House of Crab, 81 Grosvenor St, London W1K 3JY  is open until January 2015. Opening hours: midday until 10pm Monday to Saturday. Keep up with their news on Twitter @houseofcrab

Words: Alicia Pasley-Tyler