Hot Pot, opening next month on Chinatown's Wardour Street, has been designed specifically to honour the tradition of this ancient communal activity.  Traditionally hot pot is enjoyed at a slow pace allowing groups of friends and family to cook together to create, celebrate and socialise. The process is to boil a broth, cook selected ingredients and then dip said ingredients in a dipping sauce saving the broth until the end.

The restaurant has been designed for groups with booths and large tables over two floors and elegantly decorated in gold tones with botanical-inspired wall coverings accented by metallic woven panels, antique mirrors, polished-brass palm wall-lights, crackle-glazed jade tiles and linen table lamps.

Diners can choose from five varieties of broths each made with over 50 ingredients in-house daily; from China a fiery Mala Sichuan broth, a soothing chicken broth made from black chicken, an enriching mushroom broth (vegetarian) with white turnips and soy milk and a refreshing clear broth of ginger, spring onion and Chinese dates. From Thailand there is a hot and sour broth made from lemongrass, lime, prawns and chilli. Over 60 premium ingredients are available to cook such as lobster selected live from tanks that line the restaurant entrance, rib-eye, seabass, king prawns, shrimp wontons, fresh abalone, sweet potato and quail eggs. Guests can experiment making their own dipping sauce with unlimited visits to a sauce station of over 20 herbs, pastes, oils and seasonings.