Famous Street Artists will be daubing wall in Grosvenor Gardens this August to pay homage to legendary Austrian artist, Klimt.  

Nine internationally-renowned street artists will be taking part in the free event and will be creating work in front of a live audience on 3m-squared plinths.

The event is to celebrate the 150th birthday of the Viennese artist and after the pieces have been finished in the great outdoors they will go on show in the nearby Lazarides Gallery in Soho in an exhibition entitled Klimt Illustrated.

The nine artists are :

Mode 2 : Mode 2 creates broad, sweeping pieces that generally center around the female form in warm, sunset colours.


Lucy McLauchlan : Lucy creates large scale paintings, murals and installations generally using black and white and geometric shapes and patters.

Lucy McLauchlan

Vhils : artist Vhils does large scale and small scale work often using collage and magazines to make up his imagery that centers around portraits.


Ron English: Ron English is quite a favourite of ours with bright, pop culture inspired work that includes everything from paintings to models and tea sets.


Christian Eisenberger : Christian makes his installation work out of a mix of building materials, natural products and junk.

building materials, natural products and junk.

Bastardilla : Bastardilla's work is very colourful and large, full of sweeping swathes of colour and also concentrated on the female form.


Know Hope : Know Hope creates awkward, skinny and hunched characters for his work that look like slightly sinister kiddies book illustrations.


Marlene Hausegger : Marlene makes fun work around cities and country sides with installations adding to the pieces of art that she creates.

Marlene Hausegger