Residents in Hackney have expressed anger at the council’s planned demolition of a row of historic houses from the Georgian era.

The 16 houses in Dalston Lane are set to be pulled down and replaced with new buildings which would house 44 flats.

The buildings date back to 1807 and according to the founder of a heritage campaign group the building work would go against local planning laws, according to the Hackney Citizen.

OPEN Dalston founder, Bill Parry-Davies, wrote to the council this month and said: “Members did not vote for complete demolition…but a conservation led refurbishment of the facades and shop fronts and re-development of the rear parts of the houses.

“Their entire demolition may therefore be considered to be a breach of planning control, contrary to the planning brief for the site, contrary to the Dalston Area Action Plan proposals and contrary the council’s adopted policies for the historic environment.”

A Hackney Council spokesperson told the paper: “Due to structural instability, it will not be possible to keep the entire façade, though where possible shopfronts and brickwork will be re-used.”

You can read more about it in the Open Dalston blog.

Image: Hackney Citizen