Kicking things off for 2017, Maryland-based band GUMP (Give Us More Power) offer their brand new single titled "War", premiered exclusively via Milk Studios.

In an era where citizens are concerned about their civil rights, safety, and social injustices, we (the people) look to music for encouragement and inspiration. Case in point? Just outside the US capital, GUMP is hitting all the right notes: a jazz rock style of hip-hop, highlighting live musical instruments, and with political commentary to boot, their latest single “War” is just what the doctor ordered for 2017.

While the title may suggest an attack on the opposition, the new cut takes more of an observant approach, backed by the band's trademark melodic instrumentation. Laced with both rugged riffs and the sweetest guitar lines, lead vocalist Uno Hype leads the way by not being afraid to tackle today's problems head on, addressing its causes and asking for people to fight the good fight in solidarity. The song eventually drifts in to a new direction, as we're greeted with an instrumental, filled with woozy key notes and sombre guitar lines, all held together by a steady drum beat, as Hype eases his way back in, reiterating his points made previously.

"War" serves as the band's lead single, which is featured on their upcoming EP 'Beer & Wine' - due for release March 2017.