GÜ Dessert Island (1)For the very first time in the UK, a restaurant which caters to solo diners and casts guests away to a decadent desert island of their choice will open its doors on Wednesday 20th May.

Dessert Island, brought to you by the pudding purveyors at Gü, offers busy Brits the chance to enjoy that ever-elusive, but all-important ‘me time’ and steal a moment or two to themselves as they are cast away to their own secluded retreat. 

The innovative and unique dining experience, which will use giant concave LED screens to display footage of desirable destinations, will immerse diners in the sights, sounds and smells of their chosen private paradise – from the rustic charm of the Auckland islands to the picturesque white sands of the Caribbean.

Dessert Island will be popping up in London for a limited time to celebrate the launch of the new range of elegant single glass ramekins from Gü, available in six of its most popular variants.

There are a limited number of bookings available so to be in with a chance of dining at the UK’s first “me time” restaurant, register your interest by emailing dessertisland@gupuds.com.


WHEN: 20th May – 21st May

WHERE: 15 Bateman Street, London

NEAREST TUBE: Piccadilly Circus