Last week we had the pleasure of seeing Goan Dogs perform live, and boy we weren't disappointment. When the five- piece rock band ‘Goan Dogs’ took to stage at the infamously intimate St Pancras Old Church, you would hardly expect them to be an emerging talent. They have the appearance of seasoned Rock stars, and 30 seconds into the first song I quickly realised, sound like seasoned Rock stars too.

Song after song seemed to blow the audience away, as they creeped ever so much forward, until by the time the guys played their latest release ‘Devil Inside’, the church was fully ready to move. ‘Devil Inside’ has a seriously cool identity and I’m sure is to become a signature sound for the band. Its like a Spaghetti Western but more Spanish, I heard someone say, which felt about right. It’s clear Goan Dogs are talented musicians, with backing vocals coming in from everywhere, and in almost every track, and at one point the guitar player was even playing a trumpet.

Full support to  Goan Dogs, and can see them headline a festival one day for sure.

Words: Corrie Parris