Marco sanges at proudProud has joined with Who's Jack to offer readers the chance to attend the private view of the great new photographic exhibition Phantasmagoria by Marco Sanges.

The private view takes place on the 25th July at Proud Galleries and the day after the show is open to the public from 26th July - 30th September.

The Phantasmagoria exhibition looks at nudity and voyeurism, sexuality and costume, danger and play. In a world where everyone is becoming increasingly comfortable sexually where is there left to turn for bigger thrills that the somewhat more extreme?

The exhibition includes a retrospective series of apparitional photography that uses optical trickery and illusions to trick the eye. Phantasmagoria exhibits Sanges’ most surreal and dreamlike black and white photography alongside collaborations with Agent Provocateur, large scale prints, and a unique, site-specific installation.

Marco Sanges work is inspired by the sequential nature of cinema and the black and white films of the silent film era.

We want you to be at the launch of this sexy exhibition so to get a place on the guest list for you and a friend we want you to tweet us (Who's Jack) with the hashtag #voyeurism and tell us something that you have done recently that you wouldn't have wanted anyone to see.

A winner will be chosen at random on the 20th July.