The party season is officially upon us. Christmas and the New Year provide us two great reasons to get together with friends, family and colleagues to celebrate. So, the chances are that, over the coming week or so, you are going to be invited for drinks, a special meal or a celebratory party. Now, is a great time to make sure you are ready to attend those special events. Putting off doing this any longer is just going to leave you stressed and having to buy an outfit that you are not 100% happy with. With this in mind, we have put together this quick checklist style article to help you to get party ready, as soon as possible.

Sort out your dress or outfit

Getting your party outfit out and trying everything on, right now, is a good idea. This is the only way to be certain that everything fits, is in good condition and looks good together. If you do it right now, you will have enough time to remedy any issues you find. There is plenty of partywear available at JD Williams, so finding what you need will not be an issue. It should only take you 30 or 40 minutes to find the perfect dress and accessories and place your order.  

Book a hair appointment

At this time of the year, hairdressers get very busy. So, if you have not already done so, book yourself an appointment with your favourite salon. It is worth setting aside some extra time and cash to have your hair coloured or deep-conditioned.

Enjoy some spa or beauty treatments

Do the same for your skin. Treat yourself to some deep-cleansing and conditioning treatments. This will help you to look your very best in the photos.

Remember to book yourself an appointment to get any hair removal that you need to be done. If you will be leaving your arms or legs bare, consider having a spray tan as well.

Top up your personal care products

Double-check that you have plenty of your skincare and personal beauty products available, at home. Pay particular to your makeup, especially if you are planning to use items that you do not normally wear.

If you are trying out a new look, take the time to do a couple of practice runs. This will help you to tweak things so that your makeup looks flawless for the party. You can find some great party makeup tips and inspiration, here.

Break your shoes in

If you are going to be wearing a new pair of shoes or boots, it is wise to break them in first. You will only have to wear them around the house over the course of a weekend to stretch them enough. When you can get up and dance to your heart’s content you will glad that you took the time to wear them in, a bit.

Some partywear style advice

If you are still not sure what your party look is going to be for this festive season, go online and get some inspiration. There are plenty of party styling articles out there. You should also find this article that I wrote recently about creating a unique evening look helpful too.