text neck and text claw facial

Yep, apparently these are actual 'things' - luckily though - now you know these are 'things' we can solve this problem for you!

ARK Skincare, renowned for its signature Cleavage and Derriere Facials, continues to innovate with the launch of the iPosture Facial Massage this April.

This unique treatment was created to combat the detrimental effects to the skin and posture which occur from long periods of smartphone and computer use.

‘Text Neck’ is a phrase used by doctors to describe the excessive strain on neck muscles caused by hunching over a phone or tablet for long periods. This term is also used to refer to the premature lines and wrinkles that are created on the neck as a result.

Squinting at a small screen or furrowing brows by trying to focus through screen glare causes premature fine lines and wrinkles to appear around the eyes.

‘Text Claw’ refers to sore hand muscles which develop as a result of constant scrolling and holding a smartphone for long periods.

The iPosture Facial uses a series of precise massage movements, pressure points and active products to diminish the appearance of fine lines on the neck, rejuvenate the eye area and relax sore shoulder and hand muscles.

Precise massage techniques are used to stimulate muscles, improving circulation and aid in detoxification. Highly active products are applied to firm the skin and boost elasticity, including the innovative Regenerating Skin Defence created from Alpine Rose Stem Cells, which is used as an intensive masque to the neck area.

This deeply relaxing and restorative facial is ideal for anyone who spends long hours in front of a computer screen or who regularly uses smartphone and tablet devices.

The ARK iPosture Facial, £60 for 60 minutes, is available from April 2nd at the ARK Flagship Salon in Putney. For more information or to review the treatment contact Victoria Waite on victoria@arkskincare.com or

0208 339 6112