We've teamed up withSecond Screen, an innovative cutting edge mobile app developer, the makers of the official Isle of Wight Festival App to surprise all you festival goers over the festival weekend!

If you have your Isle of Wight Festival tickets yet you've not hear about the app - shame on you! The app is where you can not only get a load of festival updates including trending news and lines up info but also get yourself wet-your-pants-giddy with excitement about the upcoming weekend as well as share pictures and videos throughout your time there. It's like a whole little festival community on your phone that begins and ends long after the festival itself!

So get downloading - you can find it here

Then - once you're at the festival keep an eye out for our WJ London updates. We'll be down too and we'll not only be bringing you some behind the scenes snaps and videos with the artists but we'll also be leaving you some little clues as to where to find our 'treasure' around the festival site.

You can expect all sorts of goodies to be found if you check out our posts on the app over the weekend including fully charged portable phone chargers, little prizes and even some cash monies!