bat cat signal for internetI think we all know the pain of trying to get broadband set up. And although there are a number of new options around now offering no min periods and suchlike they can still be a right pig to set up.

It's not good having to take days off work (when you actually have to take days off work) to sit in and wait for an engineer that is often late, doesn't show or tells you you're in the wrong area. We don't have time for that. We're Londoners! We have restaurants to queue for and Ubers to wait for and pop ups to arrive in time for and......

Luckily this is changing and now apparently all it takes is Tweeting a Hashtag and you're there - Broadband. At your home. That afternoon. Think of it like a Bat signal to broadband service provider Relish to make sure you're well stocked up on funny cat videos.

Relish, London’s wireless internet provider, has announced the launch of the UK’s first ‘Hashtag Broadband’ service, enabling consumers to tweet ‘#GetMeOnline’ to receive broadband that very same afternoon.

Making its same-day broadband8b1067c3-1ce7-4f10-b4cc-30937d62971a-1 service even more accessible for consumers, Relish’s ‘Hashtag Broadband’ has been created to speed up the time it takes to get people online. The new service was launched in response to research that revealed 57% of Londoners* have to wait anywhere between three days and one month for a home broadband connection.

Usually reserved for ‘trending topics’ or categorising photos, hashtags can now be used to order broadband to homes or businesses. Relish will be undertaking a pilot of ‘Hashtag Broadband’ from the 27th – 28th October and consumers looking to trial the new service can begin their order by following Relish on Twitter, posting ‘#GetMeOnline’ @Relish and confirming their order before 12pm for delivery the same day.

Bridget Lorimer, Head of Brand and Consumer Marketing at Relish, said: “We were the first broadband company to bring same-day internet to consumers, we don’t charge our customers for unwanted line-rental, and now we’re innovating for a third time with ‘Hashtag Broadband’. The new social media-powered service makes setting up an internet connection even easier - taking just seconds to order and hours to deliver.”