hero-colouring-01Colournation just behind Oxford Circus is your go to option if you want some crazy colour in your hair for Christmas but are a little scared to do it at home.

It's not for everyone getting coloured hair  wigs dye flicked all over the bathroom, staining ones shower or bath and towels and trying to blend in colours when you can't see what you are doing. That however is where Colournation come in.

A large salon with friendly and really competent stylists and colourists, Colournation can offer you almost any colour including mixing colours together for you to get the exact festive hue you desire. And if it's not colour you are after then Colournation can also help you out with straight up cuts and blow drys as well as extensions and new digital perms.

Tea and coffee is of course on offer as is a wonderful Christmas tree (currently) and back massager seats all for a better price than your normal 'trendy' and often too-cool-for-school salons that do crazy colours.

Pop along for a consultation as all the stylists are really friendly and helpful and get something new for Christmas!