Grant Burton and Ross Timson of PJ Martinelli Ltd with Gaucho Smithfield General Manager Marta Dyszynska & Head Chef Daniel Giordanelli

“We have always loved to support British meat, and particularly British butchers,” says Gaucho Group’s Executive Chef, Brett Duarte. “Being an Argentine restaurant, our beef is sourced directly from the pampas in Argentina, but we have always used British cuts of pork, lamb, and poultry elsewhere on our menus, and so it is vital for us to support British butchers who maintain the same high standards that we do.”

To kick off the week’s activities, on Monday morning Gaucho will take a delivery from local Smithfield Market butcher, PJ Martinelli, whose expertise in premium cuts stems from over 25 years in the meat industry. “Gaucho Smithfield is the perfect venue to showcase our support of British butchers, being located so close to a butchers market with over 800 years of history”, explains Gaucho’s General Manager Marta Dyszynska.

Throughout National Butcher’s Week from 23rd – 29th March 2015, Gaucho will also be working with farms across the country, including Essex and Kent. Veal ribs, crown of lamb, and racks of pork, all on the bone, will be taken on Gaucho’s butcher’s block trolleys directly to diners and carved at the table, before being taken to the kitchen and cooked by Gaucho’s expert chefs.

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