yorkshire-gameThis year, as well as the traditional offerings of game, game bird pies and various other roasts and stews, Richard Corrigan's eponymous restaurant will be offering a more personal service to their ‘hunters and gatherers’ this game season.

Guests are invited to host a dinner complete with their own game dish, whether it be game bird, deer or other quarry, with family and friends in one of the restaurant’s private dining rooms. The kitchen team, all of whom are experts in game, will prepare a special dish in honour of the meat, which best suits it’s particular flavour and texture, in accordance with the guests’ tastes and preferences. Diners can complete the experience by joining the chefs in the kitchen before their meal for a private cookery demonstration.

Here, they can learn how to prepare the bird or animal and have the rare opportunity to see how their dish is created, before dinner in one of the Corrigan’s private dining rooms.